PWC Community Schools

Our work as a CBO partner for NYC’s Community Schools initiative is a natural extension of our decades of work building trusted relationships in school communities and developing expertise in working holistically with students and families. The work we do in Community Schools embodies the belief that we bring to all school partnerships: Every family and community member has a contribution to make towards enabling students to reach their full potential.

We are currently partnered with 13 Community Schools where we embed full-time licensed clinical social workers, Community School Directors, and Family Outreach Workers to provide a multi-tiered system of supports that include mental health services, trauma-informed counseling, and social-emotional learning programs, along with enrichment programs, wraparound services, and referrals to community resources.

Community School staffing enables PWC to provide an even broader array of support than at our other schools. As always, PWC seeks to optimize relationship-building between families and school. Additional staff provide the opportunity for more family gatherings, parent support groups and student and family input into school programming. We are also able to hire parents for meaningful roles in their children’s school.

Community Schools are year-round programs, and we have been able to grow our summer offerings through these partnerships as well. We believe summer is the ideal time to engage students in rich and varied programming that ties together learning, creative expression and emotional growth. In addition to running the Summer in the City program, we have introduced the innovative Freedom School program through the Children’s Defense Fund and a summer arts program that capitalizes on our new affiliation with the Center for Arts Education to connect culturally responsive literacy materials with healing arts engagement.

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