Clinical Supervision

Every PWC social worker is part of a much larger supportive community of clinicians and supervisors. We draw on more than 25 years of in-school experience and our work is informed by a cutting-edge data system that allows for timely and informed decision-making. All our social workers are masters-level clinicians and receive training before placement to ensure that they can implement a trauma-informed, culturally competent and anti-racist approach to their work with children, families and school personnel.

Social workers at every school report to a PWC Clinical Director who spends one full day each week on site, providing supervision for the social worker and working directly with the principal and the educational staff to stay up-to-date on school concerns, solve problems, diffuse crises, contribute to maintaining a positive school environment and help ensure that the school is receiving an excellent support program.

Social work staff have plentiful opportunities to enhance their skills, hone their practice and learn from data and their peers. Biweekly meetings address current challenges and issues in best practice. Regular case consultations provide new perspectives on ongoing and emerging challenges, peer supervision and quarterly data meetings across schools enable staff to compare effective strategies and shine a light on ongoing obstacles to success.