The Center for Arts Education

The Center for Arts Education (CAE) joined PWC in 2020. CAE has delivered high-quality, innovative arts programming and arts integration into NYC schools for almost two decades.

CAE’s arts programming is a potent complement to PWC’s comprehensive support model, and it fully aligns with our student-centered, whole-child approach. There is a robust body of research demonstrating the crucial role arts play in providing a strong foundation for academic learning and emotional well-being.

CAE’s standards-based approach to arts education promotes four essential skills – creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication – that are profoundly important tools for students to develop. Not only does arts education increase student engagement and support emotional, physical and intellectual development, it also provides children with opportunities for expression and helps them cope with stresses, such as poverty and injustice, that are often rife in the lives of the children served at our partner schools.

CAE’s programming includes residencies, workshops and performances tailored to the needs of each collaborating school. Programming typically connects to material being explored in other content areas, and can be delivered in-school, after-school and during summer programming. CAE also offers a Career Development Program that provides high school seniors with career readiness training and internships in creative industries across the city. The program boasts more than 700  graduates who have been mentored to pursue successful careers at NYC cultural institutions and creative businesses, enriching the city with their professionalism and perspectives.

Together, CAE and PWC have created high-quality arts and social-emotional learning programs that expand services for all school partners and ensure that creative expression is a tool available to all students.

The Center for Arts Education